September 10, 2006 Results


Pontoon Beach, IL (September 10, 2006) Tri-City Speedway hosted their Season Championship Night and four of the five divisions still had their points title on the line coming into the night's action. In the UMP Late Model division, Billy Laycock held a slim ten point lead over Bryan Collins as the night's racing got under way. After qualifying heat and the dash action, Collins had trimmed Laycock's lead down to only five points. Laycock and Collins lined up for the main event side by side on the front row. On the initial start, the two raced hard into turn one as they tried to beat each other to the turn. Laycock got into the first turn too hot and his car spun into the infield and brought out the caution. Tri-City Speedway's rules state that he had to restart on the rear for bringing out the caution. On the next restart, Jayme Zidar moved up to the front row, who was third in the point standings and only seventeen points out of first place, took the lead at the drop of the green flag. Collins faded all the way back to the sixth spot before he could get into the preferred groove. This allowed Steve Sheppard to move into the second spot as he gave chase to Zidar. Zidar would lead the first ten laps before Sheppard would slip by him on the low side. Sheppard would pull away in traffic to earn the victory. Zidar would come home in the second spot. Mark Voigt took the third spot and Bryan Collins moved back up to finish in the fourth position. Rusty Griffaw completed the top five. Laycock could only manage to get back to the eleventh spot and that gave Collins enough points to take over the lead and win the championship.

The UMP Modified division was the only championship that was already decided before the night's action got underway. John Stanton had a big enough point lead as the action got underway. Stanton went on to win the championship in style as he also won the UMP Modified main event. Stanton led all twenty-laps as held off a hard charging pack that was all over his rear bumper for the entire distance. Tommie Seets, Jr., Bobby Martintoni, Ray Walsh and Mike Harrison made it a five car battle at the front. However, with just two laps remaining Walsh, Harrison and Martitoni tried to make it three-wide with Harrison in the middle, but contact caused Harrison to spin. On the restart, Stanton held off the challengers and took the victory with Martintoni stealing the second spot, Seets coming home third, Walsh fourth and Leroy Haney fifth.

A three way battle for the top spot for the championship in the UMP Sportsman division came down to the final night as well. Brandon Hogenson held an eleven point lead over second place Trista Stevenson with Steve Maisel just eight points behind her. By luck of the pill draw, all three ended up in the same qualifying heat race. A near disaster happened in that heat race for Hogenson and Maisel on lap five. Stevenson was out front with Dennis Wernle in second when Wernle spun and collected third place running Maisel. Then Hogenson had no where to go and crashed into Maisel and almost completely ripped the rearend out of Hogenson's car. Maisel had significant damage but was able to restart the heat and finish second behind Stevenson. Amazingly, with the assistance of Stevenson's crew, Hogenson was able to repair his car in time for the main event and take his front row starting spot. But it would be Maisel taking command at the drop of the green flag and pulling away to victory. Hogenson ran second for most of the event after Wernle suffered mechanical problems early. But Troy Medley charged to the front from the twenty-second starting spot to take a second place finish. Hogenson would cross the line in third place to wrap up the championship. Don Patton would come home fourth and Stevenson would round out the top five which was just good enough to hang on to second place in points ahead of Maisel.

Ricky Huebner came into the night leading the Street Stock points chase by twenty-six points over Josh Jackson. Jackson proceeded to do everything that he could to take the championship, as he led all fifteen laps of the main event to earn the win. But all Huebner needed was a solid top ten finish to hang on the point lead and he would bring his machine home in fifth to secure the title. Robby Benson worked his way toward the front throughout the main event and brought his car home in the second position. Last year's Street Stock Champion Sam Kizer took the third position and Tommy Gegg was fourth.

The Factory Stock division had the closest point race of all the division as only three points separated first place David Pulley, Jr. and second place Nancy Petty-Smith. With the two starting side by side on the front row for the main event Petty-Smith took the early lead. Pulley would slide back through the field and settle for the sixth place finish. Meanwhile, Petty-Smith started losing positions as well and fell back to the fourth spot at the end. Gary Price would take a commanding win in the main event with Aaron Wood taking the second spot. Dave Racer would come home third and T.J. Eilers would finish fifth behind Petty-Smith. Petty-Smith earned the championship by just three points over Pulley.

Street Stocks
Heat 1
1 W1 Ricky Huebner
2 5j Josh Jackson
3 93 Todd Erickson
4 69k Sam Kizer
5 51 Jason Stanton
6 11h Ronny Heaton
7 2j Greg Jones
8 12 Bobby Hinson
9 27 Gene Crain

Heat 2
1 22 Tommy Gegg
2 04 Greg Schumacher
3 74 Eric Rensing
4 82 Morris Booth
5 44 Mike Austin
6 64 Brain Crawford
7 69b Robby Benson
8 17 Jimmy Bell
9 2m Larry Marasala

Heat 3
1 63 Richie Gabriel
2 18 Ben Davis
3 07 Steve Stonecipher
4 31 David Parker
5 6699 Audie Murphy
6 30 Kasey Govero
7 00 Tony King
8 92b Brant Kehrer

1 5j Josh Jackson
2 69b Robby Benson
3 69k Sam Kizer
4 22 Tommy Gegg
5 Wild1 Ricky Huebner
6 93 Todd Erickson
7 31 David Parker
8 74 Eric Rensing
9 2m Larry Marasla
10 51 Jason Stanton
11 04 Greg Schumacher
12 82 Morris Booth
13 30 Kasey Govero
14 6699 Audy Murphy
15 07 Steve Stonecipher
16 2j Greg Jones
17 92b Brant Kehrer
18 18 Ben Davis
19 44 Mike Austin
20 11h Ronny Heaton
21 63 Richie Gabriel
22 64 Brian Crawford

UMP Sportsman
Heat 1
1 28 Tom Smallwood
2 155 Jason Keller
3 57p Bobby Silkwood
4 118 Pat Chalmers
5 46 Jimmy Williams
6 83 Scott Barrios
7 3 Bj Seets
8 4 Mark Schnurbusch

Heat 2
1 S32 David Walker
2 3 Scott Henseler
3 55 Don Patton
4 0 Kevin Lee
5 33 Nate Bowman
6 7 Kevin Owens
7 95 Jermey Nash-dns

Heat 3
1 45t Trista Stevenson
2 M41 Steve Maisel
3 8 Steve Edgecombe
4 7 Bryan Slover
5 41 Ron Petty
6 23 Dennis Wernle
7 77 Brandon Hogenson
8 72 Brad Yotter

1 S32 David Walker
2 28 Tom Smallwood
3 45t Trista Stevenson
4 155 Jason Keller
5 3h Scott Hensler
6 M41 Steve Maisel-dns

1 M41 Steve Maisel
2 62 Troy Medley
3 77 Brandon Hogenson
4 55 Don Patton
5 45t Trista Stevenson
6 7s Bryan Slover
7 155 Jason Keller
8 S32 David Walker
9 8 Steve Edgecombe
10 0 Kevin Lee
11 72 Brad Yotter
12 118 Pat Chalmers
13 7o Kevin Owens
14 69 Dereck Bryant
15 33 Nate Bowman
16 23 Dennis Wernle
17 3h Scott Hensler
18 4 Mark Schnurbusch
19 28 Tom Smallwood
20 57p Bobby Silkwood
21 83 Scott Barrios
22 46 Jimmy Williams

UMP Modifieds
Heat 1
1 1w Ray Walsh
2 48 Bobby Martintoni
3 44 Tom Seets Sr
4 41 Brent Mullins
5 18 Bobby Dauderman
6 87 Jimmy Cummins
7 11h John Stanton
8 21s Kenny Shaw
9 9b Larry Brown

Heat 2
1 14 Leroy Haney
2 16 Tommy Seets Jr
3 24 Mike Harrison
4 T0 Tim Hancock
5 51 Bob Stanton
6 96 Nick Thery
7 15 Kenny Collier
8 1a Steve Meyer Jr
9 75 Terry Wagner
10 23m Corey Carriker

1 1w Ray Walsh
2 16 Tommy Seets Jr
3 48 Bobby Martintoni
4 44 Tom Seets Sr
5 14 Leroy Haney
6 24 Mike Harrison

1 11h John Stanton
2 48 Bobby Martintoni
3 16 Tommy Seets Jr
4 1w Ray Walsh
5 14 Leroy Haney
6 18 Bobby Dauderman
7 96t Nick Thery
8 T0 Tim Hancock
9 87 Jimmy Cummins
10 1a Steve Meyer Jr
11 M41 Brent Mullins
12 51 Bob Stanton
13 9b Larry Brown
14 24 Mike Harrison
15 23mc Corey Carriker
16 44 Tom Seets Sr
17 15 Kenny Collier
18 75 Terry Wagner
19 21s Kenny Shaw

UMP Late Models
Heat 1
1 5s Steve Sheppard
2 33 Tim Manville
3 66h Rich Whaley
4 12 Dave Thornton
5 2 Dan Dondero
6 11b Mike Bryant
7 11k Shannon Kuhn
8 94 Larry Copeland

Heat 2
1 9z Jayme Zidar
2 11d Brian Diveley
3 82 Billy Laycock
4 81 Craig Smith
5 13 Dewayne Kiefer
6 35 Claude Walker
7 5d Joe Dresch

Heat 3
1 11z Bryan Collins
2 6k Michael Kloos
3 16g Rusty Griffaw
4 16h Mike Hammerle
5 17 Brad Sullivan
6 30 Mark Voigt
7 28 John Beck

1 5s Steve Sheppard
2 11z Bryan Collins
3 11d Brian Diveley
4 9z Jayme Zidar
5 6k Michael Kloos
6 33 Tim Manville

1 5s Steve Sheppard
2 9z Jayme Zidar
3 30 Mark Voigt
4 11z Bryan Collins
5 16g Rusty Griffaw
6 33 Tim Manville
7 81 Craig Smith
8 11d Brian Diveley
9 6k Mike Kloos
10 11b Mike Bryant
11 82 Billy Laycock
12 16h Mike Hammerle
13 35 Claude Walker
14 12t Dave Thornton
15 66 Rich Whaley
16 28 John Beck
17 2 Dan Dondero
18 17 Brad Sullivan
19 5d Joe Dresh
20 11k Shannon Kuhn
21 13 Dwayne Kiefer
22 94 Larry Copeland

Factory Stocks
Heat 1
1 88 Gary Price
2 266 Aaron Wood
3 41 Nancy Petty Smith
4 8t Tj Eilers
5 8 David Pulley Jr
6 7w Tim Welch

Heat 2
1 10 Dave Racer
2 12 Bryan Garrett
3 96 Tommy Price
4 63 Bob Crawford
5 03 Jonthan Schulte
6 14 Tommy Roady

1 88 Gary Price
2 266 Aaron Wood
3 10 Dave Racer
4 41 Nancy Petty Smith
5 8t Tj Eilers
6 8 David Pulley Jr
7 12 Bryan Garrett
8 3 Jonthan Schulte
9 96 Tommy Price
10 63 Bob Crawford
11 14 Tommy Roady
12 7w Tim Welch