Mike Hess & Tony Roney take POWRi “Prelude to the Gold Crown” victories at Tri-City Speedway!

Mike Hess

Tony Roney


Mike Hess of Petersburg, IL driving the Brian Holderfield owned Stealth/Mopar midget won the O’Reilly POWRi presented by Lucas Oil “Prelude to the Gold Crown” twenty five lap midget event at Tri-City Speedway. Nick Knepper, who started on the pole, would lead the first four laps followed by Brad Loyet and Hess. Knepper and Loyet would run the bottom while Hess chose the cushion. Hess would sweep around the pair and take the lead on lap five. The only caution of the race came on lap ten for a spin by Loyet that would bunch the field up. On the restart, Hess would jump back out to a comfortable lead with Brett Anderson and Scott Hatton joining the pursuit on the cushion. Hess proved too strong for Anderson and Hatton and won by a comfortable margin with Rich Camfield and Tim Siner rounding out the top five. Tony Roney of Herculaneum, MO won the twenty lap O’Reilly POWRi presented by Lucas Oil 600cc Outlaw Micro Sprint event. Max Pozsgai, who started on the pole, would pace the field the first two laps followed closely by Jacob Patton and Roney who started sixth. Roney would pass Pozsgai and Patton on the backstretch and take the lead on lap three with Ryan Guyett, who started fifth, tucked up on his bumper. Roney would slowly pull away while Jason Harms would work his way up to the front and pass Guyett for the runner up position on lap fourteen. Roney would find lapped traffic no problem as he took the checkers followed by Harms, Pozsgai, Guyett and Ryan Langston rounding out the top five.

National Midget – 30 Cars:
Heat 1
Tim Siner, Derrick Myers, Mike Hess, Daniel Adler, Kevin Olson, Dave Camfield Jr, Rich Camfield, Kent Schmidt, Matt Fox, Zach Daum

Heat 2
Brad Loyet, Brett Anderson, Dereck King, Scott Hatton, Mike Riley, Austin Brown, Daniel Robinson, Jay Mounce, Will Pierce

Heat 3
Ryan Criswell, Nick Knepper, Donnie Lehmann, Danny Frye III, Kellen Conover, Kenny Brown, Tony Roney, Matt Sherrill, Tyler Robbins, Travis Berryhill

Semi 1
Rich Camfield, Daniel Robinson, Travis Berryhill, Kent Schmidt, Jay Mounce, Matt Fox, Kenny Brown, Tony Roney, Matt Sherrill, Dave Camfield Jr, Will Pierce, Zach Daum

Mike Hess, Brett Anderson, Scott Hatton, Rich Camfield, Tim Siner, Ryan Criswell, Dereck King, Daniel Robinson, Kevin Olson, Donnie Lehmann, Kellen Conover, Travis Berryhill, Mike Riley, Brad Loyet, Austin Brown, Derrick Myers, Kent Schmidt, Danny Frye III, Jay Mounce, Nick Knepper, Daniel Adler, Matt Fox

600cc Outlaw Micro – 22 Cars:
Heat 1
Austin Brown, Jacob Patton, Ryan Kempin, Jason Harms, Michael Bustamante, John Parker, Spencer Montgomery, Ted Kirkpatrick, Kyle Neal, Kyle Amerson

Heat 2
Ryan Guyett, Tony Roney, Max Pozsgai, Ryan Langston, Chris Elliot, Mark Gass, Jason Cooper, Paul Nienhiser, Nic Harris, Tom Owen

Tony Roney, Jason Harms, Max Pozsgai, Ryan Guyett, Ryan Langston, Jacob Patton, Ryan Kempin, Austin Brown, Mark Gass, Jason Cooper, Spencer Montgomery, John Parker, Kyle Amerson, Kyle Neal, Paul Nienhiser, Ted Kirkpatrick, Tom Owen, Michael Bustamante, Mike Strain, Chris Elliot, Nick Harris, Donald Burrows