1. SINGLE OR DUAL OVERHEAD CAMíS WILL BE ALLOWED! Any STOCK4-cylinder car with a maximum wheelbase of 104" and a complete stock body, frame and suspension. No bracing anywhere except inside the drivers compartment. Dash, steering and pedals must remain STOCK for that make and model. All Insulation under hood must be removed. Dash pad and radios may be removed. No alteration to body or power train. No spoilerís or air damís will be allowed.

2. Stock carburetor/fuel system, with stock OEM air Intake/filter system for that make and model. No turbo chargers. ALL ENGINES MUST MAINTAIN A MINIMUM OF 15 INCHES OF VACUUM AT 1,000 R.P.M. NO EXCEPTIONíS!

3. Stock transmission for that make and model.

4. Stock Springs Only! NO modifications to springs will be allowed! (No cutting, bending, heating or collapsing, etc.)

5. Battery can be relocated inside of car, must be securely mounted in a marine style enclosed container.

6. Stock unaltered rear end for that make and model. Rear wheel drive cars must have driveshaft loop.

7. Brake system must remain Stock for that vehicle! No brake bias valves, proportioning valves or other brake valves allowed.

8. TIRES: passenger tires, 60 series or taller only. Wheels and tires must be same size left to right on the front & rear. 30 lbs., air pressure minimum at all times, all four corners. No racing wheels.

9. If stock gas tank is ahead of rear axle it may remain in place. If stock gas tank is behind rear axle, it must be replaced with a fuel cell (not to exceed 9 gallons) or 6.6 gallon maximum boat tank. Fuel cell / boat tanks must be covered, &securely mounted and located in trunk.

10. No Racing Fuel Will Be Allowed!

11. ROLL CAGE: A full four point, box type, roll cage is mandatory. Roll cage must be securely welded to either 1/8" plates measuring 4" x 8", or to 1/8" angle stock material welded to rocker panel area. Tubing must be a minimum of 1.5" in diameter and .095 wall thickness, Door bars required on driversí side. No galvanized, black gas, or aluminum tubing allowed. Roll cages will be inspected. Roll bars within driver area must be padded. Approved Window net on driver side, must be quick release, rectangular type. Both doors must be welded or chained shut. Driver side doorplates recommended.

12. Approved aluminum racing seat mandatory. Seat must be secured to cage assembly using four (4) grade eight bolts with lock nuts, no less than three eighths (3/8) inch diameter

13. Five point, three inch, approved safety harness mandatory. Manufacturers date tag must show 1/03 or newer. If date tag is not present, belts must be replaced. Belts must be secured to cage assembly using one half (1/2) inch diameter, grade eight bolts and lock nuts.

14. Must have Dot or Snell approved helmet, fire suit and gloves required.

15. All glass must be removed. Windshield must be replaced with heavy wire screen. Three 3/8" horizontal bars to be securely welded in front of driver. Window net is Mandatory!

16. Management claim in affect at all times. Claim amount $600.00 or exchange. Must be a running feature finishing car. Does not include fuel cell, safety equipment or seat.

17. All cars are subject to a minimum specification Inspection at any time. It is the responsibility of the driver to prepare their car free of defects and in a safe racing condition. Any car to be found with added weight will be declared illegal and disqualified from that nights racing, with the loss of points and money.

18. Track license required to compete for championship points and year end awards.

19. Minimum age 14 years old, and must have a minorís release form on file at the track!

20. All cars and drivers must register and have number approved before allowed to race. NO EXCEPTIONS.

21. Car number must be at least 24" tall and be in a legible, contrasting color on doors. All cars MUST have it's number, painted in black on a white 6" X 3" plate, mounted on the upper right corner of the windshield area. No duplicate numbers.

22. CAR PROTEST RULES:†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

A.     All car protests must be placed with the Director of Competition no later than 10 minutes after the ďAĒ feature.

B.     The Protest Fee is $100 and must be given to an Official along with the protest. Car in protest will be checked after the main event. If the car in protest is illegal, the protester will be returned his $100. If the car is legal, the $100 is given to the car in protest.

C.     Any car found to be ILLEGAL will lose all Championship Points earned for the year to date of the infraction and all Money earned for the event in question!

D.     Registered car owners and/or drivers are the only legal protesters.