UMP DIRTcar Sport Compacts

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Must be a Tri-City Speedway member to be listed in point standings

Factory Stk-4cyl/UMP Sport Compacts 7/21/2015
1. (277)Sean McCarty (F) (Belleville, IL),
2. (244)Anthony Sunshine (F) (St. Louis, MO),
3. (220)Joe Laws (Hillsboro, MO),
4. (213)Dallas Lugge (Belleville, IL),
5. (209)Justin Hall (South Roxana, IL),
6. (186)Rickey Carriker (Wood River, IL),
7. (184)Cole Queathem (F) (Troy, MO),
8. (162)Jack Rogers (Caseyville, IL),
9. (148)Aaron Niemeyer (Wood River, IL),
10. (146)Bill Kidman (F) (Edwardsville, IL),
11. (136)David Laws (Barnhardt, MO),
12. (132)Bill Garland (F) (South Roxana, IL),
13. (99)Eldon Hemken (F) (Sorento, IL),
14. (93)Ben Gregory (Beaufort, MO),
15. (85)Bryan Fisher (Moscow Mills, MO),
16. (84)Robert Price (Herculaneum, MO),
17. (84)Jonathan Fahrner (F) (Granite City, IL),
18. (82)Bobby Smith (Godfrey, IL),
19. (79)Jeremy Reed (Decatur, IL),
20. (78)Jeremy Callahan (Dix, IL),
21. (71)Rick Southard (Ofallon, MO),
22. (58)Kimberly Abbott (Camp Point, IL),
23. (46)John Macey,
24. (46)Andrew Torres (Cottage Hills, IL),
25. (43)Ken Laws (Imperial, MO),
26. (42)Jack Adams (Piedmont, MO),
27. (40)Matt Boggs (Altamont, IL),
28. (39)Charles Durbin (F) (Highland, IL),
29. (38)Christopher Hughes (Edwardsville, IL),
30. (37)Robert Joyce (F) (Marthasville, MO),
31. (37)Sam Apponey Jr (Granite City, IL),
32. (33)Steve Cousins (South Roxana, IL),
33. (33)John Massey (Troy, MO),
34. (32)Zach Gaither (S) (Alton, IL),
35. (0)Rob Shaw (Highland, IL),

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