Haffer Racing/Tri City Speedway announce "Racing for Kids" Team

Haffer Brothers Racing (#37), Rod and Randy, would like to announce our "Racing for Kids" program designed to give back to kids who attend the races. We will be racing in the pure stock division at Belle-Clair Speedway on a full-time basis, and will be attending Tri-City Speedway once a month!

Tri-City Speedway "RACING EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT" has agreed to become an associate sponsor on our car so that we can help them promote their new "Racing Every Sunday Night" format and also their emphasis on families. When we read about the Gundaker family getting involved in Tri-City Speedway and totally revamping it's appearance and reputation, we couldn't wait to approach them with our idea. After discussing it at length, they confirmed their concentration on making Tri-City Speedway more of a "family friendly place" for parents to take children to enjoy the races. If anyone can turn around the reputation at Tri-City Speedway it's Kevin Gundaker and we are so thrilled to have them as sponsors on our car in 2005.

How does our "RACIN FOR KIDS" program work? We want to help the chilrdren enjoy the races (and root for our car of course). So every time we finish in the Top 10 of a feature event, we will donate a $10 Toys R Us gift card to a lucky junior fan club member who is in attendance that night! As most of you know, it's very beneficial for all tracks to cater to the children since they are the race fans of our future! We firmly believe that and that is why we are donating some of our winnings every time we run good! And if we win a feature race, we will double the Toys R Us gift card and give away $20 for kids to buy toys, clothes, action figures, race cars, or whatever they choose!

Our car will also be KID FRIENDLY and we will never advertise beer, cigarettes, taverns, strip clubs, etc on our #37 Chevrolet. Though that may cost us a chance at some sponsorship money, it is something we firmly believe in and we will stand by that. We will also feature some popular cartoon characters on our car. We hope that you will help support our racing team and all of our sponsors who have agreed to support us in 2005, our rookie season. Here is a list of our sponsors for 2005 and again we want to thank them all for their support!

All-State Insurance (Brian Safarian Agency) O'Fallon, Illinois
LANTER distribution and trucking, St. Louis, Mo.
Tri-City Speedway "Racing Every Sunday", Pontoon Beach, Illinois
ASI (Alternative Street Images) Custom Autobody shop, Belleville, Illinois
Huzzay Valley Campground and Resort, HuzzahValley.com, Steelville, Mo.
Russell Signs and Graphics, Hillsboro, Mo.
Allen D. Haffer trucking, Steelville, Mo.
Hyred Gunz Entertainment (professional DJ service) Belleville, Illinois

Again, special thanks to Kevin and Tammy Gundaker who have been nothing but courteous to us, and also to Debbie Glaub, Tri City Speedway Marketing Director. All the great things you have heard about Tri-City Speedway are true and you will be pleasantly surprised at their new facility and how they operate in 2005!

And most of all thanks to my brother, Randy who has given all of his time, expertise and support to our race team. It means the world to me and this has already been a blast!

Bring the kids and we will see you all at the races! OH YEAH, THE KIDS ARE FREE AT TRI-CITY SPEEDWAY!! EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT!

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